In-house developed software (Hawa – formerly Core i6)

Our in-house developed software has fulfilled our customer needs for some specific applications, i.e:

  • CEMS Online – Data Interfacing System for Integration with SISPEK KLHK*
  • WWTP Online Integration with SPARING KLHK**
  • AQMS – Air Quality Monitoring System
  • Onlimo – Online Monitoring Kualitas Air
  • EnviSmart (Integrated Environment Application)
  • Auto Log-sheet
  • Daily Report
  • Energy Usage Monitoring
  • Crane Monitoring System
  • Compressor Monitoring System
  • Turbine Generator Monitoring System

* Application has been successfully installed and tested through “uji konektivitas” standard and mechanism from KLHK for numbers of power plants and other industries which mandatory for CEMS Online integration with SISPEK KLHK.

** Application has been successfully tested with KLHK standard and mechanism through our solution partner

Industrial Software

Aveva registered system integrator

Nowadays, industrial software has became integrated needs for the automation solutions, from basic HMI/SCADA needs to more complex integrated requirement which required analysis and modeling. We work as system integrator and reseller for some leading brands, i.e:

  • HMI/SCADA: Cimplicity, iFIX, Aveva InTouch, WinCC, FT View, Movicon
  • Historian: Aveva Pi, Proficy Historian
  • Energy & Power Quality Monitoring: PME
  • MES: Plant Applications (Proficy Smart Factory)

Automation, Instrumentation, Electrical & IT

Automation Integration will be related with instrumentation & control system, electrical system, and IT system, therefore, we also work closely with some leading brands in this field to bring integration solution without brand limitation, some of them are:

Emerson Machine Automation Solutions, GE Digital, Schneider, Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Mitsubishi, Omron, APC, Red Lion, Cincoze, Advantech, etc.