Applications & Solutions

  • Environment Applications (HAWA):
    CEMS Online Integration with SISPEK KLHK
    WWTP Online Integration with SPARING KLHK
    Air Quality Monitoring System
  • Monitoring & Reporting Applications:
    eReporting / eLogSheet for auto-generated daily report or log-sheet
    Energy Usage Monitoring System
    Power Quality Monitoring System
  • Industrial Automation Applications (PLC/HMI/SCADA):
    Oil & Gas: Automatic Well Test, Gathering Station, Well Monitoring SCADA System, Emergency Shutdown System, Fire & Alarm System Monitoring, etc.
    Power: Ash Handling, Coal Handling, Generator & Auxiliary Control, HMI for GTG, BOP, SCADA for Power Distribution, Boiler Control, etc.
    Mining: Conveyor Coal Monitoring and Control
    Water/Waste Water System: Desalination, Water Distribution, Effluent Treatment Plant, etc.
    Palm Oil: Weigh Bridge Online System & Storage Tank Monitoring System, Fractination & Refinery, etc.
    Machining: Filling Machine, Mixing Machine, Textile Machine, Printing Machine, etc.