iFix 2024

iFIX 2024 from GE Digital

iFIX 2024, the latest iFIX version has come with some new enhancement features.

Originally, iFIX was Intellution (FIX DMACS / FIX32) which has very long and strong history in HMI/SCADA software and has integrated solutions with historian and web portal application on iHistorian and infoAgent which now known as Historian and WebSpace.

iFIX fully support server – client architecture with redundancy option and has been used widely in various industrial application, i.e.: power generation, utility and power distribution (enhanced with iPower), water treatment, airport, food and beverages, pharma (CFR 21 part 11 compliant), etc.

If you are current user of iFIX/Intellution and looking for upgrade and enhancement, we can support… If you are looking for powerful HMI/SCADA solution.. iFIX is a good choices…

Feel free to contact us for your iFIX requirement….

Source: GE Digital

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