Based on experiences in various automation applications, we have ability to help our customer to meet their requirement through our design and engineering development. We develop design based on an open and scalable system with integration capability.

We provide design and engineering packages for Automation and IT integration, including PLC, HMI/SCADA, Historian, Reporting, Database Connectivity to ERP, MES, etc.

Our engineering packages include panel assembling, PLC & HMI/SCADA programming, Reporting, Historian & Database programming, and Web Integration.

Application Experiences:

  • Oil & Gas: Automatic Well Test, Gathering Station, Well Monitoring SCADA System, Emergency Shutdown System, etc
  • Power: Ash Handling, Coal Handling, Generator & Auxiliary Control, HMI for GTG, BOP, SCADA for Power Distribution, etc
  • Mining: Conveyor Coal Monitoring and Control
  • Water/Waste Water System: Desalination, Water Distribution
  • Food & Beverages: Filling Machine, Mixing Machine, Plant & Performance Monitoring, etc
  • Palm Oil: Weigh Bridge Online System & Storage Tank Monitoring System
  • Retrofit / Migration system from conventional control or legacy PLC


We also give technical consultancy on the design and engineering done by customer. We help our customer to get maximum benefit from the design, not only for new system, but for retrofit or integration with the existing system.

We support customer for implementing pilot project, especially for software integration, data collection system and remote monitoring system.